Beginnings SC

BEGINNINGS SC is a one-stop, unbiased, professional resource to help parents, teachers, and professionals select and link children who are deaf or hard of hearing to critical resources at the right time
BEGINNINGS was founded on the premise that parents–given accurate, objective information about hearing loss–could make sound decisions for their child.  Parents and caregivers are the most important part of a child’s success.  Our role is to empower parents through education and guidance.
Children who are deaf or hard of hearing have every potential to achieve social, emotional, and cognitive developmental progress IF they receive the resources and supports they need. Too often, their needs are invisible and they never fully achieve to their potential.
Each child with a hearing loss is different in so many ways such as when the hearing loss began, when the hearing loss was diagnosed, the amount of access to natural language, family supports, additional delays, and so on.  Our Parent Education Specialists have extensive education and work experience in the field of deafness and the expertise to work with families when hearing loss is involved.
Beginnings SC believes every S.C. child who is deaf or hard of hearing has the right and the ability to reach his or her fullest potential.  Toward that goal, we have five programs to meet the needs of our state.   Beginnings SC works with parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, deaf and hard of hearing parents, and the professionals that work with these families–all across South Carolina.
    Parent Education and Guidance: We support parents of infants, toddlers and children who are deaf or hard of hearing through one-on-one sessions that entail education and supports, at no charge to the family.  Are you a parent that would like to receive Beginnings SC’s services?  Contact us.
    Technical Assistance and Training: We provide technical assistance and training to educators, pediatricians and others to support evidence-based practice.  We have workshops from 1 hour to 5 hours, for groups and for individuals.  Contact us for details.